Wednesday, April 19, 2016

Media Literacy: Separating Fact from Fiction
with Kendra Thatcher

‘Information is thrown at us at an alarming rate and we are now living in a world of fake news and ‘alternative facts’ with the truth somewhere within. How do we get through the madness, find the facts we need, and move on with our lives?’ states Kendra Thatcher, Digital Communications Specialist and Activist.

From food to politics to technology, we are in a whirlwind of abbreviated headlines masking complex messages. Our ability to decipher the real from the fake, the subliminal from the hype, the important from the frivolous, has become a challenge making Media Literacy an essential skill to be able to absorb and understand the complexities of the messages we receive.

With a balance of ethics, wit, and critical thinking, Kendra Thatcher is our guide to understanding how we can acquire the skills to deal effectively with the endless barrage of information.

$40 per person
Includes tax & gratuity